Thursday, November 4, 2010


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Number of page view is one the most important factors that decides the popularity of a website or an online business. Let's imagine a complete wireless world. What would be the most viewed page? Of course the page that pops up when we search for available Wi-Fi networks or when we open Wi-Fi network connectivity settings on smartphones.

Figure1: List of Available WiFi Networks
What we see in the list is the name of available wireless networks in the range. In technical terms, it is called Service Set Identifier or SSID. The maximum length of SSID can be 32 characters. Thousands of travelers round the world click and search for the available wireless networks. So can it be used by local businesses to advertise and promote their products? Though it sounds weired, but it is possible. You just need to have SSIDvertisement enabled WiFi networks. What you could do is basically advertise your offerings through SSID name. And this would appear in your potential customer as follows:

Figure2: SSIDvertisement seen on a Smartphone
Figure 3: SSIDvertisements seen on a Windows Laptop
Places like Airports, Stations, Sport grounds etc. its hard to reach people because of the number neither you can advertise through pamphlets. But "SSIDvertisements" technique can help you reach them without putting extra effort. It is that easy. What you need is basically a platform or product using which you can advertise the cool discounts or offers you may be giving.

I am talking about a completely hypothetical idea. I haven't yet seen any platform or product that would allow you advertise ads in a wireless network. If you are a wireless platform vendor want to productize a product, please leave a comment with your contact and I would soon get back to you.

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