Sunday, December 13, 2009

WPA Cracking on Cloud

Yes, a cluster of about 400 CPUs could be used to test security of WPA-PSK protected wireless networks for only $17. WPA Cracker is an online cloud based key cracking service for penetration testers and network auditors who need to do security assessment of WiFi networks. WPA-PSK based WiFi networks are vulnerable to dictionary attack and takes several hours when run with a respectable size dictionary file. The online service would make feasible to test against 140 million word dictionary in less than an hour. You just need to upload a network capture file and start cracking and WPA Cracker will inform you the results within minutes.

It’s really great to see a bit of WiFi Pen testing as hosted service on Internet Cloud.

My question to the community: Isn’t it a right time to offer a complete package of WiFi security assessment/Pentesting on cloud?

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